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Sunday, 20 August 2017


Happy Sunday,

I thought I would share a couple off card made with the thistle oval today  This is a small hand drawn stamp but hopefully perfect for smaller card or for building with the other stamps in the set for larger cards.

This first card is made by making a simple background using the pigment inks and the large media plate.  I then cut this into 2 pieces and stamped the thistle onto the smaller piece.  I then cut an aperture using an oval in the larger piece.  I then stamped the corner stamp on all four sides and mounted this over the stamped oval.

A simple card made very quickly.

The second card may be slightly familiar as its made from the waste from the first!  the oval I cut from the first card is stamped as the topper on this card.

The addition of a tartan ribbon and a media plate background and a second card is made!


Saturday, 19 August 2017

Purple Hearts...

Happy Saturday,

Im in louth today at H&J crafts running workshops on the new media plates and stamps masks etc. Ive just completed one day of workshops so I am writing this quickly on the free hotel WiFi!   So its just pictures today!

Friday, 18 August 2017

Wot more green...

Happy Friday,

Another card in green today a colour I used to say I rarely use however the freshness just appeals and I seem to have been using it loads recently.  This card doesn't use a media plate so is quite easy on resources!

I stared by cutting card blank and then cutting a plain circle in the centre towards the top.  Next I used the Crafts Too mini blending tolls and added emerald and verbena dye based inks over the card messily to make the background.

Next I added the card to the press to impress stamp press and positioned the floral circle stamp over the 'hole' in the centre.  I inked the stamp randomly with the same two colours and stamped this around the aperture.

Finally I added the three butterflies to one side and 2 smaller ones on the other.  I inked these in the petrol ink and stamped them.  I then inked them with the emerald and moved the card slightly so that i got a shadow stamp ( far easier in the stamp press) as shown

I the  stamped the sentiment into the centre by mixing the inks again and using the stamp press i was able to stamp through the aperture ensuring I got it in the right place!
Really simple but hopefully great for inspiration!


Thursday, 17 August 2017

More Inky...

Happy Thursday,

I promise the theme will change shortly as I have some new things to share with you starting next week!  For today I thought I would share this card I made yesterday using a variation of a technique I saw on Facebook!  We all get inspiration all over the place and I always like to share where I got it from however this was a random post.

The original technique was adding watercolour pens to a piece of plastic and scrunching this over a p[iece of wet card.  I thought what a great idea for the media plate so I changed it.

I coloured on the media plate using true colour watercolour markers.  I then sprized the plate with water then stamped the plate, using the press to impress, onto a piece of watercolour card.  this results in the swirly colour background you can see here.

Next I added three of the silhouette stamps from my first release and coloured the stamps with the same markers.  I stamped this which gives the different coloured flowers as shown ( i love the fact that silhouettes don't have to be just done in black!)

For the background piece I respired the media plate and got it very wet before stamping onto another piece of watercolour card.  this gave a lot more misty piece which I stamped the butterflies and dragon flies on from the second release of stamps.

I added a panel of embossed card with the Crafts Too dandelion embossing folder and made up the sections to an 8x8" card blank.

There are 2 places for the full day that have become available at the Coventry workshop.  If you missed to and are interested in the spaces please email


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Misty Flowers...

Happy Wednesday,

Another simple stamped card today that anyone can achieve honest.  I just used honey, south seas and cherry inks for this one and just two flower stamps and a sentiment!

I stared by picking up the three colours of ink form the large media plate then ran this over a piece of white paper.  I then added the rectangular media plate into the press to impress and added the three colours of ink and brayered over this to merge the colours.  I then stamped the small dandelion heads from my Spring flowers clear stamp set in the south seas and cherry over the plate before stamping this onto the background.

Next I stamped the small stamp using the same two colours over the whole area.  I then placed the larger dandelion stamp in the press and inked it with cherry and stamped this.  I reined the stamp with south seas and moved the card slightly before stamping this over the card so that a faint edge of the cherry shows around the image.

Finally I inked the sentiment with both col,oyrs which gave me the grey shade for this.


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Purple Peacock...

Happy Tuesday,

I showed this card during the launch but didn't explain how it was made.  Now that some of you have seen the shows it will seem quite easy, it is!

Using the large media plate I added shades of pink and purple izink dye ink pad and a little of the silver pigment ink to the plate.  I brayered over this to merge the colours then added a peacock feather over the top of the plate.  Next I added a piece of paper over the top of the plate and feather and brayered over this.  This makes the pice that can be seen in the back of the card.

I removed this piece and then removed the feather before printing the plate onto a piece of card in the press to impress stamp press.  Where the feather is the ink is left in place with the detail of the feather 'stamped' onto the card.  I matted each piece onto a deep purple before adding to a large card blank.

For the main panel I cut a circle of white card using the stitch dot press cut dies.  I stamped the floral circle onto this using the Ink colour of the izink ink pads.  I rotated the circle and stamped a second generation stamp over the top to fill out the circle.  I stamped the sentiment, from the same set, in the centre using blackcurrant ink.

Finally I matted this onto more of the purple and the card is finished.


Monday, 14 August 2017

Floral Leaves...

Happy Monday,

Today I thought I would share a card made by mixing one of the media plate backgrounds with a die cut frame mixing my two loves of stamping and die cutting!

This creates quite a simple yet hopefully elegant looking card that is all made form white card a real bonus!

I stared by making the background using the large size media plate I covered the plate with verbena and wax colours of the Izink dye ink pads.  Next I took some of the small leaves from the Circle Leaves clear stamp set and created a resist in the plate.  To do this simply inks the stamps with perfect medium and stamp thrips not the plate.  The resultant ink is then used to stamp the leaves onto the paper.  Once this has been done in servile locations I then inked the stamps with more of the verbena and stamped these onto the plate.  To finish I closed the stamp press pressing the media plate onto the card making the textured background I used for this card.

For the central element i used another piece of background made in similar colours and cut the 2 outline dies from the floral frame form Find it media.  I repeated this with a piece of white card to make drop shadow around the die cut ( by cutting the white frame into two pieces and adhering it into the back of the coloured one.

I cut the pattern in white and added this into the correct place on the frame adding white stick on pearls for detail and highlight.

I stamped the sentiment form one of my new stamp sets in white embossing powder cutting it out with the press cut stitch dot circles.

I made and added a silk ribbon messy bow and foliage again cut from the scrap piece of background. I arranged it as shown adding mats and layers of white and green to highlight the design.